You’ve Got Me

I recalled a time today when I was swimming with Ashton at the pool. It took me forever to get him to a place where he was brave enough to jump off the edge of the pool to me.

The more he did it the braver he got until he started jumping when I wasn’t looking. He wasn’t really in any danger. I was right there to catch him, which is the only reason he was jumping without me looking in the first place.

I told him, “Ashton, you can’t do that. What if you jump in when I’m not looking and you sink to the bottom?” He looked straight at me and said, “You’ve got me!”

He was right. The truth is I wasn’t going let him sink to the bottom and drown, and he knew it. He had faith in my love for him and he knew I would save him. Because of that he was bolder and took bigger risks. He wasn’t testing me, he knew I would save him.

This is what Jesus meant when He said our faith needed to be like that of a child. It allows us to live life and say “You’ll get me!”. You’re not testing how much God loves you. Your living your life in a bold way because He has already proven He loves you and will be there for you.

Peter had that kind of faith. The kind of faith that says, “You’ve got me”

Well what if I sink when I try to walk on this storm? Well, Jesus is there He’s got you!
Well what if I risk everything to advance the message of Jesus to the world? Well, Jesus is there He’s got you!
Well what if I mess up as a parent to my kids? Well, Jesus is there He’s got you!

What’s amazing about Peter is not that he thought he might be able to walk on the water. It was that Peter knew if he took the plunge Jesus would catch him.

We could benefit from a, “You’ve got me” kind of faith.

The kind faith that calls us out of the boat. The kind of faith that allows us to be bolder and risk more because we know God has got us.

We can be like everyone else and live in the comfort of our own abilities or we can walk on what is impossible because we know that where our abilities end God’s abilities begin.