You Have Vision… Woopty Doo.


Leader: “A person or thing that leads.” (THAT’S YOU!)

A vision is useless in the hands of a person who lacks the discipline to do what needs to be done to make it happen!

I believe we should dream GOD SIZE dreams… According to His Word, we serve a God who can do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine! And one of the things I feel that probably insults God the most is when we dream too small (especially when we consider what Jesus said in John 14:12 !!!)

However, dreaming big is just ONE aspect of accomplishing great things for Jesus. We must also have the discipline to do – OUR PART – in making the dreams that God has placed inside of us come to life.

God fills us with vision. But He also gives us the gifts and talents needed to make that vision become a reality. (He owns it… And we have dominion-ship over it). So don’t sit back and “wait on God” and chalk it up to, “Well, I have faith”.

God doesn’t give us a vision for information. He gives us a vision for transformation. And the FIRST person that should experience the transformation should be the one He gave it to. We can’t just share the vision as if we are at story time and hope everyone else is transformed by it, if we aren’t transformed by it ourself! Come on people!!!

LOTS of leaders want to dream big but few people want to pay the price and do whatever it takes to make that dream become a reality.

We live during a time where people want big vision with little expectation of sacrifice. There is no such thing. As a leader you need to understand… The bigger the vision, the higher the price you need to be willing to pay. 

We have got to stop seeking out microwave versions of God sized visions.

I will post PART II of this tomorrow.

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