Worse Before Better

More often than not: Whenever God initiates a change somewhere in my life, it usually gets worse before it gets better.

I read John 9 yesterday evening. This awesome portion of scripture describes the interesting way a miracle plays out.

First a blind man encounters Jesus.
Second, Jesus spits on the ground and makes mud.
Third, Jesus sends the man to wash off in a pool.
Fourth, the man obeys and is healed.

It’s really interesting to read how Jesus went about healing this man. If I’m honest, it’s kind of disgusting.

What stands out the most to me, is the picture of this man standing there with mud on his face.  I imagine it was a bit humiliating. It’s bad enough he has been blind from birth. Now Jesus rubs mud in his eyes. Really? It’s just humiliating.

Hence, why I’m blogging about it:

Just before God takes you to the next level in your life, things get worse before they get better. Before Gideon’s victory, God sent home all of his help. Before the Red Sea parted, Pharaoh and his army were closing in fast. Before the resurrection, there had to be a crucifixion.

Don’t worry.  Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but it will get better.  So hang in there.

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