Will You Or Won’t You

Have you ever heard someone refer to the perfect will of God? What does that mean any way?

I think the great confusion about this phrase is centered around the word perfect. To clear up what is meant by this word we need to understand that God’s perfect will may not look like we would imagine.

For us perfect would be:
Having a day where everything goes our way.
Being in a stress free marriage.
Having a job that makes you lots of money.

None of those are bad, they just might not be perfect to God. What’s perfect to God is perfect for us. He desires for you to become all that He dreamed you would be so that your life might bring Glory to Him. If I’m honest that doesn’t always happen through cushy circumstances and perfect conditions.

God’s will won’t alway be perfect to me but it will alway be perfect for me.

The Bible gives testament to this:
Think about God’s will for Job. He lost everything and even though what happened to him wasn’t the greatest, what God did for him was. He went to a whole new level of faith which gave way to large blessings later in his life.

Think about God’s will for Joseph. He was sold into slavery and found himself in prison. What happened to him was awful but what God did for him was spectacular. God used him to save his family and an entire nation.

God’s will might not seem perfect to you but it is definitely perfect for you.

Your marriage may not seem perfect to you but through it God is perfectly developing you into the man or woman He has designed you to be.
The illness that has taken you by force may not seem perfect to you but God can use the pain as a platform for you to comfort others.

God’s perfect will may not be easy but it won’t be without meaning and purpose. It will be perfect for you.