Why Complainers Complain

“Do all things without complaining and disputing.” Philippians 2:14

Let’s face it… PEOPLE COMPLAIN. You know who I’m talking about. An image of their sneering gaze looking down their snarled nose just popped in your head. Everyone has experienced a complainer. We can spot them from a mile away. They put off an ere about them that will disintegrate all form of life or matter within a ten foot radius. They are death eaters, circling the sky in search of rotting flesh to pray upon. They are publicists of weakness in others, always on edge, forever restless, and immensely testy. They are always someone else and never you. RIGHT??????

I love the way the Greek word for “complainer” is translated in the above scripture. It literally means “One who is discontented with his lot in life.” So how is it that something so personal can be used as an arsenal against other people and organizations? Because complainers feel that bringing attention to other people and their issues will level the playing field and take the attention off of their own inadequacies. Of course this is not calculated. It is an involuntary response so one may shirk the responsibility of taking personal inventory or doing anything about their own life.

Complainers don’t want real change. Change would just reload the arsenal of complaints. If we spent a quarter of the time bringing change to the thing we have been complaining about we might run out of what is protecting us from self discovery. And self discovery is why we acquired the skill of complaining in the first place. See the vicious cycle?

Complainer beware. Complaining never accomplishes what you want. You never grow or improve and the people you have problems with aren’t inspired to change through your misdirected discovery. It’s a lose-lose of gargantuan proportions. Highly ineffective and completely destructive is the life of a complainer.

Complaining is a plague. It is an epidemic disease that causes high mortality. It is in no way life-giving. It is a widespread affliction transmitted to humans through their unwillingness for self discovery. Are you a complainer? I am. And this way of life is troubling, annoying and vexing, and should be avoided for the rat crap that it is.

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