When God Speaks

During Sunday morning worship, at our 11:00AM service, I heard God speak to me in what could almost be described as an audible voice. He told me, “Don’t bring the message you preached the first service. Instead, share from John 21.”

It was during worship, in a loud room full of people. I had just completed our first service and right before the last worship song ended I heard from God.

I can hardly express what it was that went through my mind that morning. Doubt, fear, and a bit of confusion. “Was this God, was this my imagination, or was I sleep deprived? But what I heard was clear, loud, and definitely God. He had a Word for me. He had a Word for the people in that second service.

I said, “Ok God. You tell me what to say and I will say it.” After the song finished I took that stage and began reading from John. Then with full clarity God began speaking. As He spoke, I spoke. One sentence at a time. One story at a time until I finished in prayer. God moved in a way for me that got me thinking. I must get better at discerning His voice in every situation.

So I’ll start this blog by saying to you that the most important skill you’ll ever develop as a follower of Christ is the skill of hearing God. The skill of knowing His voice. The skill of being able to discern what He wants you to do in any and every situation.

But lets face it. That’s easier said than done. We live in a world that is full of competing voices and distractions and it can be difficult to tell what God’s voice sounds like. And if we are completely honest we have often mistaken His voice for something else.

So here is the point in the blog where you might expect me to say something like: “The problem is, you haven’t found a quiet place. You haven’t turned down the NOISE of life so you can hear God’s voice.” But I don’t think that’s the real problem. Because I believe the world we live in is NOISY. It’s just a reality we need to learn to embrace.

So you can complain the rest of your life about how you are super busy. You can complain that there is just too much noise. But guess what, it’s probably not going to change. Yes, we should periodically take breaks and find a quite place. But if we are honest, those are short-lived moments at best and after they’re over, we’re right back to our hectic noisy life which seems to make up 95% of our time. We all live in a world with real noise, real demands, and real distractions. And it’s in the noise that we really need to hear from God.

There is no need to confine yourself to a monastery. God is speaking to you in the middle of your noisy, hectic, and scheduled life. Even today. Even right now.

When you hear Him, listen. When He speaks, say YES!