What Could Have Been

1 Samuel 13:13  says: “You acted foolishly, you have not kept the command the LORD your God gave you; if only you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time.”

Wow. This struck me with unprecedented force today that is difficult for me to explain to you.

Samuel comes face to face with a moment where he realizes just what he could have had, if only he would have…

Scary verse huh? I mean the number alone symbolizes bad luck but that’s not what rattles me to core. It’s the idea that we miss a blessing because of what we didn’t do. Most often when we think about the consequences of our sin or disobeying we usually focus on the negative consequences that actively happen to us as a result.

For example:
You have sex before marriage, you might get an STD or get pregnant.
You do something out of line at your work place, you could lose your job.
You ignore what God is calling you too, you could end up in the wrong career.

These are all bad, but there’s something much worse to consider. And that’s the great blessing of God you missed out on because you weren’t willing to obey.

The levels of influence you could have had.
The fulfilling marriage you could have had.
The life you could have had.

I don’t want to have a moment like Samuel. I never want to hear God say:

If you had been faithful, I would have…
If you had not settled, I would have…
If you had more faith, I would have…
If you had…I would have…

Trust me, you don’t either. The last thing you want your life to become is a life full of, what could have been.

Listen to me. Whatever it is that God is asking you to do, just do it.  It’s not about what He wants from you. It’s what He wants for you.

And you can have it, if only you will…