We Use Religion As A Window

It is way easier to use the Bible as a window to judge the lives of others rather than a mirror to examine our own.

Religion’s greatest asset is comparison. We become seekers of failure in others so we can be happy with the grade we are getting in our own life. However, in the kingdom… God does not grade on a curve; He grades on a cross. So for all of you who are measuring yourself against the accolades or failures of others, you need to realize that those who think they qualify, don’t, and those who believe they don’t, actually do. Those who become least will be greatest of all. And because of the cross, regardless of how great we feel we are in comparison to others, we will always come out wanting when holding our life up to Christ’s sacrifice. Our grade does not emerge out of our religion but rather from the cross.

Religion does not allow us to become least because we use it as a window to peer down our noses at people who are weaker specimens of our pious sense of self worth. We gaze out of it knowing that the smears, smudges, and dirty condition we find it in could not be blocking our view because of the filth found on the inside. Our religious estate would never bear such grime. We are holy vessels perfectly conditioned and ascetically positioned for the use of God. Religion tells us God could not possibly use someone who was dirty. Therefore, it must be others who are destroying the view.

The fact remains that the murky view is as impacted as much by us as the world. Religion robs us from believing that we need a savior to KEEP US. This forms a mindset that we are not among the least of these. So we insensately negate opportunities to take on the form of a servant because we have gained an entitled spirit that says, “You are master of all.”.

Don’t be like the Pharisees. Don’t use the Word of God as a window. Use it as a mirror so you can be transformed not entitled.