We Love Experts

We love experts. We love to be told WHAT to do, HOW to do it and we will buy whatever they are selling because after all, they are the experts.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that outside help or counsel is not beneficial, but it becomes problematic when we depend on THEM more than HIM.  (You know, the One who created us and sustains us.)

The reality is God has an incredible track record of using the ill-equipped.

– Joseph was not an expert statesman…but God used him to preserve a nation.
– Moses was not an expert leader…but God used him to lead His people to the promise land.
– David was not an expert soldier…but God used him to bring down the biggest problem the Israelite army had ever seen.
– The Apostles were not experts…but God used them to plant the church. (Acts 4:13)

So often we turn to so called experts because it is easier than doing the work of seeking the face of God and begging for His wisdom and guidance. You see, talking to the “experts” is easy.  You just plug in the formula and BAM, all your wildest dreams come true. Yah right. We know better.

Instead of turning to the hottest self-help book let’s turn to the One who created us. He has a way of using the ill-equipped to change the world. Seek Him first.

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