We Know When We Go

Two days ago I started blogging about four signs that reveal we still don’t understand. Today I want to talk about the second sign. Here’s the second sign that we still don’t understand:

2. We’re still waiting for God’s will to just happen.

We’re still waiting for God to bring the right man or woman into our life.
We’re still waiting for the perfect job to come along.
We’re still waiting to make more money so we can…

And in the meantime we’re not doing much of anything about it.

We’re hanging out in our basement.
We’re hesitantly go to our present job.

If this is our approach we will be waiting for a long time. It’s not because God doesn’t want us to have the right person in our life, or have the job we’ve been waiting for, or anything else we desire. But it’s because God’s will isn’t all about waiting and it rarely happens all at once.

When we think of Gods will, we need to think less in terms of a big bang and more in terms of small sparks that accumulate into a blazing fire. It really boils down to doing what we should be doing as God continually moves us into His perfect will for our lives.

It’s much easier to sit and pontificate the mysteries of God’s will for our lives than it is to obey the part of God’s will that we DO understand.

And that’s just it. When all else fails, God’s Word is His will.

For example:
It’s always God’s will for us to become the kind of husband or wife that another dreams of.
It’s always God’s will to work as we are working unto the Lord.
It’s always God’s will to be kind to our friends and our enemies.
It’s always God’s will to love the unlovely.

So if we want to live in the will of God, we can start by doing these things. And trust God to use our present obedience to move us closer to His perfect will for our lives.

For those who are single, stop waiting for the perfect person to drop in your lap and start running after God with everything you’ve got.

For those of you who are unhappy with your current place of employment. Stop waiting for the perfect job to drop in your lap and invest yourself in perfecting the job that you have. That way when it “falls into place,” you’ll be ready for it.

Stop wasting time wondering when and how God’s will is going to come together. Obedience that is active, is much better than passive reflection. We find direction from God while we’re on the move. We know when we go.