Wall Gawkers

Whenever you face an enemy, barrier, or setback, you can see it as a wall or a door.
The number one dream killer is when you begin seeing your adversity as a wall. Why not try seeing it as a door.

When we begin seeing challenges as a door, the way we approach life changes.

The Israelite people had never heard of David until he ran towards Goliath with a sling and a rock. To all of Israel, Goliath seemed like a wall. For forty days, they hoped the wall would go away.

David didn’t see Goliath as a wall, he saw him as a door. He opened the door into a whole new level of favor and opportunity.

Your situation doesn’t have to stop you from becoming who God has designed you to be. Your problems, hardships, or giants can become the doorway to another dimension in your walk with Him. So stop gawking at the wall and walk through your door of opportunity that’s before you. 

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