Have you ever looked at a Mr. Potato head doll before. I think one of the things that intrigues people about this doll is the ability to be able to give it a sense of identity. People can entertain themselves for hours, putting the nose where the ear should be and the mouth where the eyes should go. This is great fun. In life, however, we find ourselves not being a part of the shaping process. We allow the world to play with us like we are some sort of Mr. Potato head doll.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone is shaped by their environment. Who we are has a great deal to do with where we live, who we know, and how much money we have. In and of themselves these are not bad. The problem is when these things alone are what gives us a sense of identity or purpose. God must be a part of the validation process in our lives.

So what are you saying Shawn? Well we live like a Mr. Potato head doll stripped of all our parts at first. Whenever something in life brings us some form of validation we receive a working part just like the Potato head. Life, the world, our friends, family, entertainment begins to shape us and give us our identity. Then we stand there with all of our working parts proud of what we have become and who we are. The question that remains is “Was God a part of the shaping process?” Because lets face it. All other things that we find our approval and validation in will one day pass away but God will never pass away. So find your validation in him and allow Him to shape you and make you into who He needs and wants you to be.

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