Top 12 Blog Posts Of 2012

Here are the 12 most read blog posts of 2012:

#1 Dream Big Dreams – Surround yourself with people who allow you to dream big dreams.
#2 Cannot – Sometimes Jesus responds to us with four words: “You cannot follow now”.
#3 Stop Waiting For What You Already Have – “Your Father can’t give you what’s already yours!”
#4 Attracted To A Vision – Without it the people perish.
#5 Open My Eyes – Three things God whispered into my Spirit during my 2012 retreat.
#6 113 Saved At VBS – Just mind blowing.
#7 Leadership Isn’t What You’ve Always Thought – Jesus leads nothing like Mr. Rogers.
#8 Covering Your Family – This post is specifically for leaders. Not just pastors but for moms, dads, coaches, teachers, and big brothers – if you lead anyone or anything, I’m talking to you.
#9 When God Speaks – It was during worship, in a loud room full of people. I had just completed our first service and right before the last worship song ended I heard from God.
#10 Spectator Focus – When you become a spectator you run the risk of moving off course and wrecking your life. So stay focused and make sure your movement is not negated by you being a spectator in it.
#11 Participate – There is a major problem that exists in a lot of churches: 1) Pastors who don’t participate in worship 2) Musicians who don’t participate when the Word is being delivered.
#12 Fueled – Prayer is the fuel by which God moves into and through our lives.