Through His Eyes

When we moved to the greater Flint area we decided we would get a membership to Detroit zoo. I have two very rambunctious boys who we love dearly, they show their love to us by filling our home with excitement and energy. Sometimes going to the zoo is just what everyone needs.

I got a new app on my iphone called Hipstamatic. I never thought digital photography could look so analog. It really brought back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past. It has the ability of changing lenses, film, flash, and every thing in between. I was eating it up and the boys where taking every opportunity they could to give me their best poses. We were having a great time on a warm Michigan day. How could could it possibly get any better than that.

I walked out of the ice cave at the Polar Bear exhibit and saw a trash can with the Detroit Zoo log on it. I thought it would be a good idea to snap a quick shot of the logo for our picture scrap-book Brook and I would put together latter on that evening. I selected just the right lense, film, and flash for the job and knelt down to take the shot. From behind me I began hearing little chuckles and people saying, “What is he doing taking pictures of that trash can?” It cracked me up, I didn’t even think about how ridiculous it must have been with me taking picture of trash at the zoo.

Right about then a thought ran through my head, “I don’t make trash”. ”What? Where did that come from.” I thought to myself.

No one understood what I intended to do with the picture, you see, I had a purpose for it. Then it hit me. God has a purpose for me, you, and everyone you and I know. God doesn’t make trash. What we think is insignificant He finds great value in. You know “one mans junk really is another mans treasure.” Or better said what one man views as junk God views as His very own treasure.

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