The Worship Stretch

One of the biggest challenges for people when they are worshiping is when they are trying to sing a song they don’t mean or are not living.

For instance:  Singing a song about giving God everything, when just tithing makes you feel like a martyr.  Or songs about our relationship with God being our greatest passion, when we hardly think about Him through the week.

In all reality this is when the greatest interference comes in our worship. Most people stop singing these lines or stop singing all together.  Some won’t sing something they’re not living. While others sing the songs but it makes them uncomfortable and kills their worship.

A word of encouragement for those that have felt like this:
Worship is not proclaiming what you have done as much as is it’s proclaiming what you intend to do.

Think about it. If we had to completely live out every word we sang in worship, we may never sing.

By still singing, we’re not being hypocritical. We’re teaching our flesh to give way to the spirit. We’re communicating our desired life. We’re stating our desire to make what were singing a revelation in our life.

I will sacrifice it all.
I will make you my pasion.

The problem comes when we have no intention of living up to anything we are singing.

Even if you act like you have it totally together you are still as unworthy as those that do not. The good news is God has called us to worship any way. Remember, our feelings and emotions are not the admission price to worshiping God. Jesus’ death on the cross is.

So don’t stop singing. Keep on worship. Let the grand chasm between the song your singing and the life your living, call you to repentance. Don’t let it cause you to stop worshiping.

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