The Voices In My Head

After Adam and Eve fell in the garden. Adam started to explain to God how ashamed he was because he was naked.

In Genesis 3:11 God said:
“Who told you that you were naked?”

Evidently Adam had been influenced by someone. He must have been informed and instructed by a voice other than God’s, and God was too happy about it!

“Why are you afraid. Who told you to be fearful?” – God Said

This happens so often in our life. When we believe these lies, what do you think God is saying? Maybe He says:

Who said that to you?

Who said you weren’t capable of accomplishing the impossible?
Who said that compromising your beliefs wouldn’t hurt?
Who said you would never amount to anything?
Who said it’s too late for you to start fresh?
Who said you couldn’t receive forgiveness?
Who said you had to settle?
Who said you could overcome sin in your own strength?

We live in a generation with many voices competing for our attention. It so often creates confusion in our lives, and causes us to question who we are and what we should become. These voices find there place in our hearts and begin shaping our identity.

God’s voice echoes with love, clarity, and vision. If your confused you need to question who’s voice your listening to.

Listen to God. Find your identity and validation in Him alone.

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