The First Step Is The Biggest

Someone gave me a great peace of advice about exercising one time that I never forgot. He was in great shape.  He said the only exercise routine he ever made for himself was to do one push-up, each day, every single day.

The routine he made was more than doable. He didn’t plan to run 5 miles a day, and workout for an hour five days a week. He just planed on doing one push-up per day.  That’s it.

I asked him what value there was in doing one push up, he explained his routine by saying: “One push up won’t do a whole lot for you. However, whenever I get down to do one I usually end up doing more. Then I figure, while I’m down here, I might as well do a few sit-ups too.  Before you know it, I have actually gotten in a pretty good work out, and it all started with just one push-up.”

This would be and effective strategy to apply to the things you hate to do, but you know needs to be done?  Just do one thing, start small, and the rest will just happen.  Getting started is the hardest part.

Confucius is the one who said that a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

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