The Bitter Sweet

How you ever caught yourself thinking your life would be better if something or someone was no longer a part of it?

We experience painful moments and difficult relationships that we would like to wash our hands of.  However, those things that leave a bad taste in our mouth are often necessary ingredients for the future of our lives, and destiny.

If we look at the ingredients that go into the sacred anointing oil found in Exodus 30:22-25.  It calls for cinnamon and cane.  That’s the sweet, good smelling stuff that dreams are made of.  Who doesn’t want God to fill their life with cinnamon and cane?  Financial blessing, peace and popularity?  Fame, respect and affirmation?

What we miss in the ingredient list, is that it also calls for an equal amount of liquid myrrh.  Myrrh is extremely bitter.  Who wants to add something bitter to their cane?  In my opinion these two ingredients don’t go together very well.  Who wants to be rejected and disliked while they are experiencing success and accomplishment?

However, without the bitter, the anointing oil is found wanting.  Just know that every ingredient in your life is there to complete you, and make you who you are.

When God prepares you to be used there will be bitter, sweet, and bittersweet moments.  If we pray for bitterness to be removed, the mixture becomes incomplete.  So embrace the bitterness with the sweet.  God wants to use you.

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