Strangely Wrapped

Sometimes the way God interprets your prayers is a little strange.

Sometimes God gives you what you pray for, but it’s strangely wrapped.

You ask God to help you be humble and you get demoted.
You asked God for contentment and you stay single longer than you wanted.
You ask God to help you have unfailing love and God puts someone in your life that gives you a lot of practice.
You ask that God would be the object of your affection and your put in a situation where He is all you have.
You ask God to strengthen your faith and you find yourself in a storm that tests it.

God’s answer to your prayer may not be wrapped like you thought. But it’s going to help you become the person you should.

The Holy Spirit takes your prayers and interprets, filters, and presents them to God in such a way that we get what we need even if it’s not what we want (Romans 8:27). Or He gives us what we asked for in a way that we don’t want or would have expected.

The way God wraps the answer to your prayers is an exact science. He’s been in the business of answering prayers for quite a while now and I’m pretty sure He knows what He is doing. So keep asking and trust that what you get is exactly what you need.