Stop Waiting For What You Have

If you have ever read the story of the prodigal son you know how ridiculous the older brother behaved. He pitches a temper tantrum because his father never gave him a goat. Yah, that’s what I said, “a goat”.

We can take home a valuable lesson at the expense of his childish behavior:
“Your Father can’t give you what’s already yours!”

The older brother had access to as many fattened cows as his little heart desired. They were his for the taking.

So often we are guilty of asking God to give us things that we already possess. Have you ever asked for joy? Joy doesn’t come from out-there-somewhere. It’s a fruit of the Spirit, and it’s already ours, waiting to be activated.

I’ve begged God before to give me peace for things I’m facing in my life. When He doesn’t send it, I become frustrated and impatient. But He’s already given me peace through Jesus and it’s a peace that surpasses understanding.

Maybe God wants us to walk in what He’s already provided. Maybe He’s saying:

Quit waiting for me to give you victory when I’ve already won the battle.(Romans 8:37-39)
Quit waiting for me to give you hope when I’ve already poured out My hope into the Word of God. (Romans 15:4)
Quit waiting for me to bless you when “I have already blessed you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 1:1-5)

Stop waiting for God to give you the things you already possess.