Spectators Focus

The other day Landon came running into the room downstairs and asked if I would go on a trike ride with him around the neighborhood. We have been holding time trials for the past several weeks. Justin Cook holds the record and I come in at a close second. So Landon is constantly trying to sharpen his skills and improve his time.

I slipped on my shoes and we grabbed the trikes. So I took the opportunity to grab some video as we went. We peddled along at a neck brake pace when all of a sudden I began loosing control. (Just so you know, these things where created to spin out. That’s what gives them their allure.)

With my focus on my son, one hand steering, and one hand filming with my iPhone, I realized my fate was rapidly heading to an on course collision to the asphalt. The last thing I remember was rolling head over heals a few times trying desperately to protect my phone, while in the process, shredding most of the skin off of the right side of my body.

The lady and her child standing in the garage slowly moved out of sight pretending they didn’t see what just happened. (Common people I saw you see what just happened.) Any way. Landon came running up to me with all enthusiasm and yelled, “That was the greatest move I have ever seen.” I shrugged it off and said with a wincing smile, “That’s how we do it.”

As I drove the rest of the way around the block, I thought about how we get caught up in being a spectator. Yes we’re moving. Constantly doing something for our wife, our husband, our friends, our family members, even our God. But so often at the same time we are a spectator as well. Just because your moving doesn’t mean you have purpose. Just because your moving doesn’t mean you are headed to a particular destination. It’s focused movement that impacts those you love and causes you to arrive at a particular destination unscathed.

When you become a spectator you run the risk of moving off course and wrecking your life. So stay focused and make sure your movement is not negated by you being a spectator in it.