Six Questions Husbands Should Ask Their Wives

Do you care about your wife? Then here are 6 questions you should ask her immediately. Only ask the following questions if you are prepared and willing to hear her honest answers. If you are planning on excusing away everything your wife says then READ NO FURTHER.

1 – What is the most romantic thing that I have recently done for you?

Firstly men, let’s be honest and mention we actually believe once we get married romance is no longer essential. I’ve heard men say things like, “Well… I got married so I didn’t have to be romantic any more. She’s mine. And that’s just the way it is.” Come on men. That’s stupid. But here is the good news. Shockingly enough you may be more of a romantic than you think. I used to believe that extravagance was a necessary element to leave my wife in a stunned state of dis-belief and shock. Much to my surprise a walk around the block at dusk seems to make her feel just as wanted.

One thing to know for certain before you answer this first question is… time and romance are inseparable in your attempts to be a romantic. So if you don’t have time for your wife, then you probably shouldn’t put pressure on yourself by asking the question. But if you don’t have time for your wife you might as well stop reading this blog and begin questioning what kind of man puts everything before the one he committed to treasure and love forever.

2 – What fun thing can we do together?

Guys definition of fun and girls definition of fun are often completely different. But fun is most certainly one way that a woman feels an intimate connection to her husband. Fun helps a woman feel closer to the one she committed her life to. Men… Don’t take her to do something you think is fun. Ask her what she thinks would be fun to do. I promise they will be surprisingly different.

3 – What’s something I can help you with to relieves stress?

Men!!! WE have no idea how much stress a woman carries around with her each week. Because she is a woman, EVERYTHING effects EVERYTHING!!! Woman, can I get an AMEN?

So come on men, lets be willing to do all we can to lift some of the stress out of their life.

Give her a few hours to herself, take the kids to school, plan a special date night, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, pour her a bath, clean the house, do some laundry, make some coffee and sit on the deck with her and ask her about her day without giving solutions on how to fix it.

This may include giving her an afternoon to herself, without the kids. Face it men, this one thing could change the trajectory of your marriage forever. Who knows, she might even have enough energy that you will get lucky…

NOOOOOO! MEN!!! I’m not talking about sex. I mean you might get lucky and she will stay married to you. 🙂 WARNING!!! Don’t do any of this for the sake of sex. Do it for the sake of LOVE. Just saying. Man I’m on a roll. Feel like I’m preaching up in here.

4 – (If you have kids) How can I better father our children?

There is a high possibility that this will be about discipline. Mainly because men and women approach this completely different. The key is that you are on the same page. That you present a unified front in all disciplinary decisions.

Men, it might also be about your tone, time, or lack of tenderness. Remember, your wife can speak to these in ways that you can’t. So let her.

5 – How Can I Pray For You?

Men… We are called to be the spiritual leader of our homes and what better way can we do that than to lift her to the Lord in prayer. This will remind you and your wife that there is a higher power at work here and you are willing to submit yourself and your marriage to Him.

6 – What’s something I could do better in our marriage?

This one takes ________!!!

If you ask your wife this she will most certainly not say you are perfect. She will give you a list. Don’t be shocked if she reaches into her purse and says, “Hold on just one minute. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me this. I have written a few things down in alphabetical order.” Don’t cry about it and begin pouting because she doesn’t think you are perfect. You aim to please every one else in your life, especially your boss. Toughen up butter cup and get er’ done.

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