Simply Elementary

Not to long ago I dropped into my old elementary school. I was amazed at how much smaller everything was compared to my memory. When I was in fourth grade it seemed like everything towered over me. The playground, the cafeteria, the classrooms, the elementary school, everything use to seem as if it was going to swallow me up.

But when I returned it felt as if I had walked into a doll house.

Was this really the place I kissed Ann on the cheek under the missile toe in my 3rd grade room? Was this really the place that I got dumped by Julie because I got a haircut? (Or at least that’s what her friends told me when she sent them to tell me it was over.) Was this the hallway Michael socked me in the nose so hard I saw stars. (By the way. We became best friends.)

All the memories came flooding back and brought me to laughter. It’s amazing how looking back puts events that seemed so dramatic into perspective.

Believe it or not, there are probably some things you’re facing right now that seem overwhelming. And if I’m being honest, a few years from now, you’ll look back and realize they really aren’t as big as you thought they were:

That relationship you lost
That vehicle you wrecked
That argument with a spouse or a friend
That petty discussion
That financial setback

You’ll realize God didn’t forget you at all. He used those moments to raised your faith to new heights and take your relationship with Him to new levels of Glory.

You’re going to look back and laugh.

So don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Everything in life shrinks with time.