Setting Me Up

I got some news the other day that rocked me to the core. It felt like Mike Tyson gave me an uppercut to face. My first reaction was frustration, peppered with a little bit of anger, followed by some nausea.

Then, after some time, I got a little happy. Because what so often feels like a setback is usually a setup for the movement of God.

Try and do yourself a favor. The next time someone tells you bad news, just smile. don’t agonizing over “how you will get through it?” prepare for what God is about to do. He must be setting you up for something.

Whenever there is resistance, it indicates a great reward on the other side. Whenever there is a struggle, there becomes greater opportunity for a blessings.

When I look back at my life, the times I felt God was letting me down. He was actually setting me up.  

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