Secret Recipe

A question I have been asked a lot this year goes something like this:

What is the secret to Echo’s growth and impact on the community of Pleasant Hill?

I just want to stop here and say the secret recipe is JESUS of course.

However I don’t believe that’s what they’re asking. They’re looking to learn how Jesus through the Holy Spirit is using us specifically.

It’s always strange to try and explain what you’re doing right, when you know there are so many things you’re doing wrong. With that said, I do believe there is a secret recipe that you see if you were to peek behind the curtain at Echo Church. It’s something that has proven to be blessed by God over and over again – not just in our church, but in many others all over the world. It has nothing to do with the preaching or our Sunday morning worship.

It’s the humility of those who make up our team.

– I am inspired by our teams humility. They submit their pride and desires to God’s will and purposes, continually deflecting all the GLORY to JESUS.
– I’ve seen Lewis completely scratch a finished video that took Him multiple hours to create because it wasn’t the best thing for our Sunday worship experience.
– I’ve seen people on our worship team lead songs they didn’t like with a great attitude and whole heart.
– I’ve seen our volunteer leaders be challenged by Stacey, JR, Brook, and Adam to step up by working countless hours, and all without expectation of compensation or praise.
– I’ve seen administrative volunteers pounding away on keyboards, folding booklets, folding bulletins, and entering first time data. Very few people have any clue about the hard, tedious work they do, and that is the point exactly.
– I’ve seen men run through rain with umbrellas to help people stay dry while they are soaked to the bone.
– I’ve seen our staff disagree and still support one another through the disagreement.
– I’ve seen love given when love wasn’t returned.

What’s the secret recipe you ask?  HUMILITY!

YOU ARE the secret recipe that God uses to make this thing what it is today.

Blessings to each one of you and your humble spirit.

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