Definition of SCRIBBLE

1: to write hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form
2: to cover with careless or worthless writings or drawings

I am constantly getting on to my son for scribbling as he hurries to complete his homework. He loves playing video games. So he is always in a rush to move on to something more entertaining and exciting. I believe that it’s like this for us as Christians. We want to enjoy God just as long as it does not keep us from doing what we want to do. So often, because He bores us, we hastily or carelessly push through life scribbling it away. This causes our life to be a total mess. No one who knows us can even make sense of who we are any longer.

Some of us are so displeased with our life that we scribble over it to cover up what we don’t want others to see. God came down to remove the scribble and give us a purpose. So quit scribbling your life away.

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