Reason Or Wonder

I believe “Super 8” is the best movie that has come out this summer.  It has something that has been missing from so many of the movies released lately.  We see a sense of awe in the characters who do not fully understand what it is they are seeing or experiencing.  While I was watching it I realized that this element is often missing in our faith as well.

The kids in this movie are constantly being overwhelmed by something greater than themselves. Their eyes are opened to a world full of mystery and wonder.

Sometimes our faith is bankrupt of mystery and wonder. Sure, we can not deny the wonder and mystery of nature, but who doesn’t?  When it comes to our faith we tend to rely on intellect and reason.  Why is that?  Is it really faith if we rely on reason?

John Wilkinson says it best when he says:  “Things that operate within the realm of human reason bear the fingerprints of human inventors. The stuff of God, however, doesn’t just sound strange, it is strange.”  In reality it’s beyond strange.  It’s wondrous.

When it comes to your faith, which do you rely on the most: reason or wonder?

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