Quick Sand

I just finished an evaluation of my personal life in my journal. I found three main things that so often keep me from moving through my situation and on to new territory in my life. The question I asked myself is: What keeps me from moving forward?

This is straight from my journal to you computer screen. I hope that these three things help you rise out of the quick sand of your current situation.

1. Contentment
Listen. Change is hard. Even positive change can be hard. Sometimes it’s easier to remain complacent and not move forward. It so often becomes easier to stay with something that’s familiar and tolerable than to embrace what is unknown.

2. Regret
I find this one a bit difficult to explain in my personal life and leadership. If I’m not careful my regrets tend to strong arm my aspirations, causing me to remain paralyzed in my current situation.

3. Distraction
There have been so many opportunities for me to make adjustments and I have avoided them because I was busy attending to insignificant things. It can be tempting to ignore the big things that God wants me to do by working on the thing that ultimately do not matter at all.

I don’t want to be stuck in my current situation. God Is always on the move. I want to move with Him. I don’t want my faith to be overshadowed by a move I was unwilling to make.

If you’re feeling complacent, as I so often do, here’s a prayer to pray:

God, help me to go wherever you direct at the moment you direct,
no matter how painful give me the strength to move through my situation to you.

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