Quarterly Adjustments VS Steady Steps

Small but consistent steps and incremental changes add up to large dividends over time. For example, putting a dollar a day into a mutual fund will pay more than an investment of 365 once annually.

This principle impacts more than just financial investments. It applies to every area of life: your work ethic, your relationships, your personal development and even your walk with God. Most people tend to make large, periodic investments in order to initiate growth in these areas.

For example: You get behind at work, so you wake up every morning at three for a week to get caught up. Or your marriage is struggling, so you go to a marriage conference. You feel distant from God, so you rededicate your life.

Those things aren’t bad in and of themselves, however daily habits and steady steps will always be better than periodical overhauls. Sometimes it’s necessary to do these things. But remember, it’s in the steady steps of an individual that greatness is cultivated and released to the world.

Anyone can put in a lot of work for a short amount of time. It’s the steady steps that help you gain the biggest dividends in all areas of life.

Just imagine with me for a moment what would happen if you tried to improve just one percent in your communication, efficiency, and performance a day. One percent is manageable, achievable and attainable. And it’s a daily increase which over time will take your life to an exponentially higher level.

It’s often the smallest things done consistently that have the greatest potential to change everything.