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“Husbands, love your wives.”    Ephesians 5:25 NAS

If I can be honest, I want to share a dangerous trap that husbands can quickly fall into. The reason I can write this with boldness is because I have been guilty of this and it is still a constant struggle for me today.

When you care more about pleasing yourself than pleasing your mate, your marriage is in trouble. Marriages fail for one reason – selfishness. Something you might hear a husband say to a wife is, “If you will just give me a few more months. I’ll finish this project at work and everything will be back to normal.” How many wives have heard something similar to this from their husband while trying to let them know they need more of their attention? You know what happens? The project gets completed and inevitably another project pops up that is just as demanding and the wife continues to be placed on hold.

Husbands be careful.  Don’t let her needs go unmet because, hopelessness and resentment will send her into a protective shell. Most often, husbands are clueless until it is too late. He says things like, “I work hard, I’m providing for the family, or closer to home, I’m building the kingdom”. In defense of his actions he might say, “I’m doing all this for you.”

Remember men, your wife didn’t marry you for your career or your paycheck.  She married you for YOU. There is absolutely nothing you can do to replace yourself in her life, no matter what you give her. I believe this is why couples with less seem as if they have everything because they have each other.

Remember why your wife married you. She married you for you. Don’t let your job, ministry, or hobbies, steal you from your wife.  She needs you to make her a priority.

P.S.  Ladies, you’re not off the hook quite yet. My wife will share a special word for you in a few days.

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