There is a major problem that exists in a lot of churches: 1) Pastors who don’t participate in worship 2) Musicians who don’t participate when the Word is being delivered.

I truly believe that these two things can become a road block which prevents a church from going to another level in their worship.

I’ll start out by sharing about pastors, considering I am one. There are some who don’t feel the need to be involved with the worship. I don’t know that is a good approach. I believe that the pastor is the main worship leader at the church. Yes, even if you don’t have a lick of musical ability or talent.

I have a feeling that the church will go as far as the pastor is willing to lead it. What we need to understand as pastors is that we set the tone not only when we preach God’s Word but also in how we worship. We begin preaching a sermon on how good God is way before we get up and begin to speak about Him. I believe our worship is a sermon that people see and begin implementing almost immediately.

Listen, I may have been called to preach, but I was created to worship. Lets be honest. There isn’t a higher level of Christianity where you can engage less with God in your worship.

I should never become so pre-occupied with what I’m about do that I forget about what I’ve been created to do.

Then there are musicians who don’t participate when the Pastor is preaching. I believe, that first, it is an honor issue and I’m not necessarily talking about honoring the Pastor. Although, that is definitely part of it. But it’s mostly about honoring the Word of God. Just like the pastor, you may have been called to be a musician, but you were created a worshipper. And honestly, there is no such thing as true worship apart from God’s Word.

The Word reveals to us a God who is worthy of and deserving of our worship, a God that is worth leading other people to worship.

The take home for us is this. Whether you are preaching, playing an instrument, or singing into a mic, it’s better if you fully engage. As a pastor, I need to put my notes down and worship the one I have been studying about all week. As musicians, sit back for a minute, and grab your Bible, and a pen, and get into the God who gives you a reason to worship.

This is the recipe for success. This is what God designed. This is how a church goes to another level in it’s worship.