Paramedic Training

There is one thing that will quickly sidetrack people, pastors, and leaders. It’s when we give all of our attention to the wrong things. We need to identify what things most require our attention, energy, and time.

If a paramedic pulls up onto a scene where a wreck has just occurred, they are trained to quickly diagnose who needs immediate attention. Typically, and most often it’s not the ones who are screaming the loudest – they may be in pain, but they are still alive. Instead, they make their way towards the ones who aren’t saying anything at all. They’re the ones who are in urgent need of attention and care.

The same principle applies to all of us. Most often, it’s those things that shout the loudest in our lives that quickly deplete us of our best time, energy and attention. All of us deal with distractions that cause our focus to shift from the things that should really be our priority.

We need to be careful that the loudest voices don’t distract us from what God has called us to do.