One Hundred Percent Comfortable

I have a pastor friend who said to me:  “I believe you should remove anything out of a worship experience that someone who is unchurched would not understand so they might be one hundred percent comfortable.”

I’m not positive but I believe he might just be missing the mark a bit.

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul straightens out the church about their views of tongues, prophecy, and other issues. He gives a situation where an unbeliever shows up to church and is totally confused because people are communicating in tongues. Not only is this confusing but it isn’t helpful. Our speech should be clear if it’s going to communicate something.

On the other hand in the same chapter Paul urges, if the unbeliever encounters a prophetic power of God and can not understand it he will realize the power of God and believe that He is real

The point that is trying to be made here is not that the unchurched would be comfortable, but that the power of God would be made real.

It’s not whether they get it, it’s whether they sense it…
It’s not about whether they agree with it, it’s whether or not they are drawn to it…

Could it be that in toning it down too much we run the risk of people not experiencing God. Don’t get me wrong. Echo Church exists so the world may hear. So it’s important for the message God has given to be clear.  It’s just that I feel it’s important for us to present a amped up, full of passion, and relevant worship experience where we present the Gospel of Jesus.

Sometimes if an atmosphere is overwhelming it can draw you in. Even though you don’t know what is fully happening.  You can still sense that it’s the place to be.

We want to create an environment were people meet God and want more of it.  Were the more they experience Him the more they want.  Until they become fans for life.

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