Old King Must Die

As Christians we function under a theocracy not a democracy.

A theocracy focuses on the will of God not the will of people.

When God released the people of Israel God had to deal with their former king for the people to experience true freedom.

You are never truly free until the one who held you before is no longer chasing you. 

If you have to live your whole life running and looking over your shoulder your not really free. You are just a slave on the loose.

I’ve found there are a lot of people in the church who claim to be free but they really aren’t free they are just a run away slave on the loose looking over their shoulder every day afraid that their past is going to re-capture them. 

God allowed their old king to drown and God allowed the people to see him drown so they could live without fear.

I know you don’t like to get excited but back in the day this group of people were led into a praise party by sister Mariam. She picked up a tambareen and took them into song dancing and singing that they were free from the oppression of their past.

I think there has to be a time in your life where you have a celebration. Where you celebrate the Termination of your old king.

Your praise reveals who sits on the throne of your life. Do you have an old king that needs to die?