Sunday Morning we looked at these two portions of scripture: In Luke 5:1-5 it says: the disciples had a problem. They had been fishing all night, but their nets were empty. Then in Luke 5:6-11 it says: after they followed Jesus’ instruction to put out their nets again, the disciples faced a different problem. Their nets were so full, they started to break.

Just recently, I was working through some situations that seemed overwhelming. I began to respond with a bad attitude.  I started feeling sorry for myself.  Then God spoke into my spirit and said something to me that challenged me to the core: “Stop your whining. Your nets are full. Your problems are problems that stem from having full nets.  There are so many people who would love to have your problems right now.”

The reality is when your nets are breaking, it’s a result of God pouring out a blessing into your life.  If your house is messy it might be a sign that people inhabit it. If your church has outgrown its space, it might be a sign that people are being reached.

Yah, it might be tough to pull in full nets. They might be tearing from the strain of the load.  However, what ever difficulties are birthed out of a blessing are much better than starring at empty nets.  Praise you God for your mighty display of goodness.

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