Moment Inspiration

I believe in the power of a moment. Just one moment in the presence of God can change our destiny and transform our world. I either hear or see something every single day that reinforces this idea.

I read an email yesterday from a thankful woman.  She had strayed from God for many years.  She brought up one line in a sermon I preached recently.  I don’t remember saying it the way she told me I did, at all.  Interesting

The Holy Spirit used those few words to draw her back to Himself. Her desire to follow Him is greater than ever before and her thirst for the Word of God increases daily.

All of that started in just one moment.

Don’t underestimate the power of the moment you are currently in: Preaching every Sunday Morning, leading a small group in your home, leading worship at church, having a difficult conversation that the Lord has prompted you to have, encouraging someone who is disillusioned, disciplining your child instead of ignoring them, forgiving someone who seems unforgivable, or praying for something that seems impossible.

Big changes can often take time.  However most change is ignited in a moment. Don’t underestimate the power of your moment.  Make it worth it.

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