Make The Most

Here is a phrase I have been hearing a lot lately. “we should make time for…” Before I get into what I think about this particular phrase let me start out by saying I understand what it is trying to communicate. “Time is short.” There are some things that you want, or need to accomplish but it just seems there’s not enough time to do it.

I think there is a problem with this saying. There’s no such thing as making time. Quite honestly, God is the only one who can make time. As far as I know He’s made all the time He’s going to make. When it runs out, it’s out. The Bible says in Colossians 4:5 to, “make the most of every opportunity.”

I’m not trying to revive the dead poet society, carpe diem stuff, that some people associated with living life to the fullest. You know, like skydiving, getting tatted up, or taking a random road trip to wherever. I’m not sure these things are the way to make the most of your time. Actually these things could be a way to waste valuable opportunities that God has given you.

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