Lord Help Me… I Have Kids

“For this child I prayed.” 1 Samuel 1:27 NKJV

We tend to be protective of our children. But we have to be careful lest we shield our kids from the very things that will bring growth to their lives. We must surrender our children to the Lord.

We believe we control their futures, but most often the results of how they turn out proves us wrong.

In the Bible Samuel said “I prayed for this child…Now I give him back to the Lord” (vv. 27-28 NKJV). Here are three things that I’ve found to be helpful in raising the children the Lord has blessed me with.

1. When we don’t give our kids back to the Lord we are raising them on wishful thinking. In our hands there is a possibility of failure. In God’s hands they can not be snatched out.

2. Don’t guard your kids from consequences. When kids experience consequence it shows them what works and what doesn’t. For example, a tumble off the swing set teaches them not to be reckless… or lack of time studying teaches them they will receive poor grades. “It is good for people to endure burdens when they’re young” (Lamentations 3:27).

3. Demonstrate what you want to see in your child. Being a Christian doesn’t mean life is always easy. But when you, the parent, demonstrate faith in God in your hardship, your kids learn to trust Him too.

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