Kiddy Pool Conundrum

So many people live a life fearful of failure.

People are fearful of risking it all and it not working out!
People are fearful of taking another step!
People are fearful of setting a goal and not accomplishing it!
People are fearful of taking the plunge and drowning.

All of these are very possible. If they weren’t you would have nothing to be fearful of and there would be no risk involved at all.

No one can promise you that everything will work out.  No one can promise you that you will always take the right step. No one can offer you the assurance that you will accomplish your goal. No one would promise you that you will never drown if you decide to launch your faith.

One thing I can offer is a different perspective. This morning I went outside on the back deck and looked down at the little kiddy pool.

I thought to myself: “If Im going to drown, I want to do it in deep water.” When I’m risking it I want to do it in the deep end.  If I’m going to drown I want to do it where I can’t touch.

I thought to myself:  “How embracing would it be if I drowned in a kiddy pool?  Or even worse to stand in it knee deep and think I accomplished something that everyone should marvel at.”

If you take a risk and fail, at least you tried. If you take no risks at all and fail, that’s just embarrassing.

I believe the greatest failure is to risk nothing in your life.
To live your whole life in a kiddy pool.

To still be satisfied by it even though you’ve outgrown it.

Failure is a possibility no matter what you do. I just know that I don’t want to end my life drowning in a kiddy pool.  If I’m going down I want to do it in the deep end.

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