Kick Up Some Dust

When God shows up on the scene and lays something before you to do, you should do it immediately. No questions, no doubting, no fear, just say YES!

If God asks you to step out in faith and do something great for Him, and you respond with immediate obedience, His blessings will follow. It may not be the blessings you had in mind but they will be blessings non-the-less. However, if you spend days, months, or even years fighting God with apathy filled excuses, you could be guilty of building a wall of separation between you and God. Don’t do it. there is such a thing as missing the opportunity God has placed before you. You will not even realize you’re missing it. That’s the tragedy. If you will quit making excuses and just move when He says, He will start showing up more frequently in your life. The adventure will blow your mind.

You will start to wonder, “What was I so afraid of? Why was my faith so week? Why didn’t I move sooner?” You will say to yourself “This is Awesome!” Move now. God is, and He wants us to kick up some spiritual dust with Him!

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