Keepers, Breakers, and Makers

There are three different approaches taken in the Christian life: keeping the rules, breaking the rules, or making the rules.

Most people view Christianity as keeping the rules.  Things one might think of are: do not murder, keep the Sabbath, honor your father and mother, do not commit adultery…etc., etc.

We know that God’s laws are good, and the principles behind them should be honored. However, Christianity is so much more than just following a specific set of rules. We all know that when we try to be a christian who keeps all the rules, we always come up short.  Eventually we burn out.  More importantly we miss the essence of the Gospel.

Some people don’t give a rip about God’s Word and break the rules altogether. They profess to be Christians yet live a destructive life full of sin.  Sometimes they justify their lax living by proclaiming, “I’m just expressing my freedom in Christ”.  We know, this is nonsense.  Those who died to sin cannot live in it any longer. Living this way is the worst form of bondage and does not represent freedom in any way.

We saw Jesus as someone who made rules.  New rules.  He upgraded our paradigm and renovated our desires into His image.  Jesus changed the way we viewed religion.  All of us who follow him should be setting this standard for the world.

There are rule followers, rule breakers and there are true followers of Jesus who make the rules by setting the standards and changing the world.

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