Keep Moving Forward

God has been speaking to me a lot about our economy.

It’s probably not what you would expect. I believe He is impressing in my spirit to keep moving forward even though it’s bad.

I know, I know, every time I see the news I’m tempted to back off of the God-sized, faith stretching vision He has placed deep down in my heart. I’m aware of our economy and I do not want to be irresponsible by exhibiting a lack of wisdom or restraint.

But I truly believe we have not entered a season for us to gather in a holy huddle to just wait for the end. In Joshua 3, God leads Joshua and the Israelites across the Jordan during a flood. It was the worst possible time for them to navigate the Jordan. Or was it? Why not cross over during flood season? Contrary to what you might think, flood season and harvest time existed in the same season. The higher the waters get, the more opportunity is available for God to be God and bring us through.

So maybe the take home for us is this, we must move forward regardless of our economic crisis. We must forge ahead. God will care for His children even in times of famine.

Over the next several months we will be committing thousands of dollars to complete Rock City for our grade school children. We are in the process of considering a third service and we just finished the office spaces downstairs. We have seeded nearly 50,000 dollars toward missions in the two years of Echo Church’s existence.

We must move forward. The harvest is upon us! People are ripe to receive the good news of Christ Jesus. God will resource us to reach the lost with the Gospel. We must keep our eyes on Him.

Please don’t mistake my youth as naiveté. But if you do, I’d rather be naive than faithless.

Remember where God’s faithless children were sent – the desert.

Provision comes from scarcity. So let’s press forward and give God an opportunity to provide.