Just Be Poor

No one wants to be poor, because they think they won’t like it. Jesus said that becoming poor in one specific way is the key to unlocking the blessing of God. The meaning of the word “poor” in the Greek means one who has nothing and is completely empty. Some equate physical poverty with what is needed to please the Lord. This is not what is meant here. The kind of poverty that produces blessing in this verse is spiritual poverty.

I was trying to wrap my mind around this idea of being empty of all that I am. I was asking my self this question? “What value then do I have if all I am is an empty vessel?” I got up from my desk in frustration, trying to figure out how to relay a concept I know to be true to a group of students who are struggling enough with there identity. Walking through the office and into the library, I grabbed my favorite cup and poured myself some coffee. A few minutes later I took my final sip and realized my cup was completely empty.

This came to mind. “Just because the cup is empty does not mean that it has lost it’s value. As a matter of fact its value is increased because it is empty. Now it can continue to be used for what it was designed for. You can’t fill a cup that is already full with something else until it is emptied. A full cup is a cup that can no longer be used.”

The question that remains is, are you willing to be used for the purpose God created you for? We are a like the cup. We are created to be filled with Christ and poured out to the world. We must be poor, eliminating the desire to fill our life with everything but Him. So, are you filled with God or are you full of yourself?

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