I’ve Got A Feeling

We live at a time that is motivated by feeling. Most people will say: “If I feel like it, I will do it.” On the other hand these people will also say:  “If I don’t feel like it, why do it at all?”

This mindset brings consequences when we approach our worship this way. If we enter a worship experience and don’t feel like worshiping, it can be easy to offer up scraps or left overs. Maybe we don’t even worship at all.  Hoping we will offer something more authentic next week when we are feeling better.

This kind of approach reveals a misunderstanding of worship, and what’s required for it to be authentic and acceptable to God.  It’s not about our feelings.

Hebrews 13:15 says: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise.”

When you offer up praise through your feelings, it might be lacking.  If you offer up praise through Jesus’ sacrifice it never will be. Worship is not about your feelings, it’s about celebrating Jesus.

The enemy will lie to you and say that you have to feel a certain way to truly worship. Jesus has offered up worship you will never be able to. So be faithful and worship through Him. Even if you don’t feel it.

Put your feelings down and lift Jesus up.

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