Irritated Into Action

A vision placed in your heart by God is less INSPIRATION and more IRRITATION.

My concern for those who serve in leadership and ministry is we want to lead without irritation. We want things to come easily, without struggle, on platter if you will. We want the dots to always connect and the story of our life to end happily ever after. The reality for leaders is this does not line up with what we should expect according to scripture. In God’s Word the visions that impacted the world in the largest way were birthed through much irritation in the hearts and minds of whom it was given. Here are a few to examine:

1. Moses was IRRITATED that an entire nation of his people were enslaved. Out of his irritation he dedicated himself to the vision of their freedom by wondering in the desert for 40 years.
2. David was IRRITATED that Goliath mocked GOD and Israel. Out of his irritation he thrusted himself towards a towering enemy in the name of a vision that could have cost him everything including his own life.
3. Nehemiah was IRRITATED that the walls in his homeland were destroyed. Out of his irritation he sacrificed it all by relentlessly pursing the vision of rebuilding walls with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other.
4. Esther was IRRITATED that her people were being destroyed. Out of her irritation she placed comfort aside and risked her life in order to see the vision God irritated her with manifested.
5. Paul was IRRITATED that RELIGION was superseding RELATIONSHIP in the hearts of the people. Out of his irritation he committed his life to a vision that proclaims JESUS saves… not RELIGION.

Great leaders permit God to irritate the status quo or preconceived ideas of their carefully constructed existence. Great leaders do more than contemplate the vision, they allow it to irritate their emotions, disturb their plans, and transform their perspective.

We were never called to comfort, or popularity, or personal preference, or safety. We were called to be irritated to action.

We were called to be leaders who will lead out of burden not boredom.
Who will lead out of conviction not convenience?
We are called to be irritated with the same irritation that motivated God to give you the vision. We are called to be irritated into action.