Increase Our Faith

I’ve been studying in my personal devotional life through the book of Luke and today, Luke 17:5 knocked me off my feet.

The apostles cried out to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”

What would the church become if we prayed this? What hope could we offer if we meant it?

Visions from God create in the heart of a man or woman a sense of desperation! If there is no desperation, maybe what you have is not a vision, maybe it is just a daydream. A vision from God will completely overwhelm your faith… not tickle it, or push it, not poke it, or bother it, but completely overwhelm your faith to the core.

Some people will never pray this prayer. They have become comfortable daydreaming about a version of God and a version of His purpose for them that they can settle into. It’s hard to run towards something that will require more faith the moment you engage that thing your running after.

But if the church is going to become the hope of the world it has to rise up and pray prayers like this. We have to allow God to challenge the norm and status quo. We must become followers of God and not followers of deadlines, agendas, programs, or statistics. We must run to Him and to the greater plan He has in store for our lives.

I have a vision of a church that stops running towards what they know and instead is willing to run to the unknown weight of Glory!  I see a church full of men and women who are NOT passionately obsessed with the way things ARE but rather are hyper-focused on the WAY… and His agenda for our lives!

Lets be completely transparent here. Ministry endeavors tend to lend itself to becoming one of the many faithless organizations on the earth… getting stuck in ruts, with nowhere to go for fear of challenge and change. Just know that ministry minus faith equals DEFICIT. It’s not safer and it never fulfills what Jesus has called us to do—ADVANCE His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!

So whether you are a church leader or a church attender, if you’re not willing to attempt the impossible you will never experience the unexplainable!

God!!! Would you increase my faith? I’m tired of daydreaming!!!  (Hebrews 11:1 & Hebrews 11:6)

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