Immeasurably More

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” Ephesians 3:20

This is such a crucial scripture in the life of any believer. It is a promise that makes you straighten up and listen. God is capable of doing so much more than we would ever expect. The real beauty of it is that His performance is not limited by our imagination.

Just think for a moment of the impact of that statement. It’s hard to believe…yet simple to understand. It’s a fairly straightforward fact. 
Just think about it. The wildest most far out dreams you can conceive does not even begin to compare to the endless power of God.

This is a verse I have quoted hundreds of times. Every time I do, I tend to interpret it this way. “God desires to give me more of whatever it is I ask for.” If I ask for a certain amount of provision, He can exceed it and give me even more. If I ask to have favor with someone, He can give me even more favor than what I asked for. There is a flaw in this interpretation.

The flaw is that sometimes God doesn’t bless you with more of what you ask for. Instead He might just bless you with something completely different. He takes what you desire and switches the category altogether. Sometimes the way God exceeds our expectations isn’t by giving us more of what we think we need. He opts to give us something that He knows we need even more. Instead of giving us more than what we request He offers us something totally different.

The reality is that sometimes the “immeasurably more” takes on a completely different form. Instead of giving you a promotion at work, God gives you a chance to spend more time with you family. Instead of sending you a boyfriend or girlfriend, He sends you an opportunity to serve Him in your singleness. Sometimes He gives you more of what you’ve requested or imagined and sometimes He gives you something totally different. Whatever the case may be you can rest assured in knowing that He always gives you the best option available.

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