Imagination Fixation

Let’s define creative.  Because most often the way the term is used misses the point all together.

There are many people who view themselves as being creative, because they have a bunch of cool ideas.  Wow.  You have ideas.  So does my 10 and 8 year old son.  The truth of the matter is, just because you have ideas doesn’t make you creative.  Ideas without implementation isn’t creativity at all, it’s just imagination.

When you look at the definition of creative it requires you to create something.  If your truly creative you don’t just dream about things, you do it.  True creativity brings a product, it’s not just an idea.

I have a friend that says he is creative but also says, “I don’t do details”.  What I know about God is He didn’t just think about the sun, the stars, or human life.  He worked out every detail of His vision.

That’s what I love so much about the team of people here at Echo Church.  They imagine and they implement.  They don’t just play make believe they bring it to life.

What is God asking you to create today?  Don’t just conceptualize it.  Bring it to life.

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