If… Then…

Coming off of this Sundays sermon I have had many opportunities to put into action what I preached. It’s been challenging to say the least. I want to spend a moment and expound on what I shared Sunday.

Many of us have limitations. They consume our minds and stress us out. Because of it most people operate out of an if, then mindset.
If I had __________, then I would ___________.
If I could __________, then I would ___________.

For instance:
If I had more money, then I would get a nicer car, house, or give more to the church.
If I could sing, then I would start a band or use my talent for the Lord.
If my children were older, then I would accomplish this or that.
If my church had a better building, then we would grow.

Dreaming about what you would do if you had this, that, or the other sounds nice, but this mindset is a breeding ground for frustration. Why?
Because you don’t possess an unlimited supply of money.
Because you aren’t an awesome musician who can sing.
Because your children aren’t at a different stage in life.
Because your church doesn’t have a perfect building and a perfect environment.

You can dream about it all you want but the reality still remains and your limitations still exist. Although it might be occasionally stimulating to think about the possibilities of a life without your limitations, they’re still there and you have to work with them.

I’m not saying to stop dreaming or planning. I’m not even saying that God can’t remove them. But sometimes your life is blessed more by learning to live with your limitations than it could ever if He removed them.

To put it simply. Stop waiting for what you want and do your best to work with what you’ve got. It has been proven time and time again that our greatest limitation is most often God’s greatest opportunity.
If He wanted you to have ________, He would’ve given it to you.
If He wanted you to ________, He would have given you the ability.

Work with what you’ve got. Live in the NOW. Watch God do miracles with little. So that He might receive all the glory.