If JESUS Was On Twitter

Things I’m pretty certain JESUS would not have tweeted:

@Joseph Stop telling me how to live my life… You’re not my Father.

You want to see service in action? Check me out washing the disciples feet. http://bit.ly/1AylipF #killedit

I’m living proof that everyone will have haters. If you can’t love me you can’t love anyone. I’m perfect yo. #hatersbehatin

Performing at a wedding tonight. Come on out and check it out. I will be doing some pretty cool things with water and wine. #justsayin

Had dinner tonight with 5,000 people not including woman and children. Guess who was serving dinner? “This Guy.” I broke some bread. #servingitup

Alright I’m out of here. Good luck doing this thing by yourself. http://bit.ly/1mmjbNn #shouldhavelovedmewhileIwashere

What are you tweeting?

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